Savannah Leigh Knight (Beerbower)

Hello my sweet Pumpkin Head, Savannah. This is your daddy. And I just wanted to let you know that I miss you very much; and that I will also be here for you.

I created this page; set up so that if you ever choose to google yourself; you will find it. I wanted you to know the truth as I know that many lies have been drilled into your head over the past 8 years or so and you were to young to realist it.

I won’t beat around the bush however; you deserve to know the truth; all of it. Your grandma Kathy is a very evil women. She is the devil incarnate.

So, before I get into the matters that involve me not being able to raise you; as a father should when a mother can’t; I want to take you back to when I first met your mom, Laura Beerbower (I add details that you already know so that the search engines will find this page easier).

I met your mother while attending Grays Harbor College where I was working towards getting my teaching degree. I was doing very well too. Far better than I ever did in high school; but maybe that is because I was in subjects I found interesting for a change.

Your daddy was a smoker back in those days and you could still smoke as long as you were outside and a few feet away from the doors. Well, i often saw your mom out on the bench where people smoked (your mom was not a smoker though); often she would be talking to others; and a lot of times, she would be complaining how your grandmother treated her like a child and wouldn’t let her be an adult, which technically she was; at 21 years old.

Another subject that your mom constantly mentioned was her “trust fund” and how she wished the could use it to move out and get her own house; and since injustice and totalitarian authority are two of my hot topics; I gave your mom some suggestions. I told her how trusts are their for people who don’t have the ability to stand up for themselves; that if she showed the world that she could; her mother, your grandmother, would lose all power over her and that she would finally be able to grow up as it were.

It wasn’t until a month later, on my 25th birthday that I started dating your mother. Me and your mom went out after school and when our date was over, I took her to the bus station where one of the drivers said that your grandma was looking for her. Your mom called your grandma and your grandma turned around and called the police stating I kidnapped your mother.

Our second date was chaperoned by your grandmother. She had a tight leash around your mothers neck that was very “Black Snake Moan” like. Pretty strange behavior I thought for a women who I later found out let her husband rape his own daughter. After all, we were two adults and having a guardian there was very perverse.

Despite the strangeness of the whole situation; I did discover that I did love your mother enough to deal with it and to jump through whatever hoops were made of me.

One evening; while watching TV; I got a knock on the door; it was your mother and she had with her a bunch of her belongings. She said that she wanted to be out of her mothers house because your grandmother had found a man on the Internet and was throwing away her life and your mothers to run away to eastern Washington to move in with him. I told your mother she could stay, and that I would deal with whatever the fallout was.

At midnight that night; one of your aunts arrived at my house kicking and banging on the front door of the building where I lived. We choose to ignore them in hopes that they would go  away or call the police; where we could then explain to them what was going on. An hour later they left and the police were not called. End in the end, your mom moved in with me permanently.

A few weeks later we were awaken by your grandma Iverson telling us that we were under attack. It was 9/11.

In October I decided to ask your mother if she would marry me; and she agreed. I couldn’t afford to buy her an engagement ring with all my incoming going towards living and paying for school.

On Thanksgiving Day; your mom woke me up to tell me that you we were pregnant with you. It was the happiest day of my life because all I ever wanted in life was to have a child and a family to call my own.

So, despite what your mom thinks; I did not ask her to marry me because I got her pregnant, I had asked her more than a month earlier to marry me. I think the reason she believes this to be the case is because your grandmother had manipulated your mother to think this way. And I did finally buy her that engagement ring. I bought it to give to her at Christmas. The same time we had chosen to let the family know about your pending arrival.

Your mom and grandmothers had decided for a Spring wedding; several months before you were due to arrive.

During your pregnancy; me and your mom discussed trying to use a bit of her trust money to buy a used reliable car. Your mother was at risk due to her health issues and we thought it wise that we had transporting for all the doctors visits we needed to make; not to mention pushing a grocery cart loaded with food a mile was not the best option we had – we were very poor.

When your mom decided to contact your grandmother; she controlled your mom’s money; your mom asked me what to say; so I helped her compose a email. This help ended up biting me in the ass; as now your grandma was for sure under the impression that I was after your mom’s money. Never mind, that I am an anti-capitalistic socialist with a real-life phobia regarding money.

Your grandma refused to let your mom use some of her money to buy a car. She made dozens of excuses on why your mom couldn’t use any of her own money to do so. This is when I realized what your grandmothers motives in life were.

Anyways; fast-forward to August 5, 2002; and we have your mom going into labor just after returning home from a Beerbower family reunion. We tried to contact my mother to get us to the hospital in Olympia, but your grandma was in one of her crazy moods, so she wasn’t at your birth. Your aunt Kari came down from McCleary to turn around and drive us up to Olympia.