Product Innovations

eZ-Launder Detergent Sheets

These tear-away sheets make it easy to wash your clothes without the mess. Tear one off the roll for a small wash load and up to four sheets for a extra-large wash load. Each sheet will dissolve once in contact with water; given your wash the detergent it needs to wash your laundry. Also available will be our fabric softener and bleach concentrate version is also available.

Brake Commander

Break Commander is an electrical device that connects off your master cylinder. This device, when triggered, will cause all your brakes to  engage... Switches/buttons are mounted just out of view on all four sides of your car; and a key-fob is also available for remote engagement... When any one of these buttons are pressed; your car brakes will lock up preventing your vehicle from continuing out of control (backwards).


fireDRONE would be an industrial-grade unmanned delivery system for a non-hazardous, non-toxic, organic foam (Water-Soluble Oxygen Displacement or W.S.O.D. Foam) compound which can expand 1,000 times its liquid state by adsorbing the oxygen from the air and suffocating forest fires.

mPOD – The Easy Microwave Cleaning System

A patented two-part system for cleaning and sanitizing your microwave oven. Simply press down firmly on the red package; place in your microwave and set the timer for three minutes. When done, wipe down the microwave with a damp cloth or paper towel. The environmentally safe organic cleaners will have removed or loosened all the dirt particles from the walls of your microwave. Do the same with the blue package to sanitize your microwave. DO  NOT WIPE DOWN AFTERWARDS!

Automated Pet Feeder

The Automated Pet Feeder is designed to deliver your pet food throughout the day according to their dietary requirements. It also gives your pet a fresh source of clean drinking water. The automated pet feeder can store up to 5lbs of dry pet food and 2.5 gallons of clean water. It can be powered by both solar and by wall outlet. It is app-enabled to allow pet owners to monitor your pets food and water intake and to make adjustments.

The No-Mess Oil Change Kit

The "No-Mess Oil Change Kit" is two separate tools that will keep your hands and clothes clean while taking care of that messy necessity of owner a motor-vehicle.

The oil filter remover is designed to dig in to most vehicle oil filters and unscrew it from the vehicle simply with a twist of your wrest.  A special grip allows anyone to remove their vehicles oil filter with ease. The oil filter remover is designed to collect oil that is left over to keep it off of your hands and clothing.

The oil plug remover is designed to let you easily remove your vehicles oil plug while at the same time it allows you to collect and direct the used motor oil. A magnetic ring helps prevent the lose of your oil plug.

iRoad Reflector System

The iRoad Reflector System is a evolutionary leap forward in road safety. These reflectors are designed to interact with nearby street lights and will alert drivers to upcoming light changes. They can also be used to alert drivers of road work or approaching emergency vehicles. They keep themselves charged via solar and piezoelectric charging discs.


Ever be vacuum your house and suddenly your vacuum dies on you? So many people have this trouble. Your vacuum cleaner cord is just not long enough to get to those last extra feet.

Then PowerTrac is your solution. The PowerTrac is a flexible strip that you attach to your wall; either as a wall bumper or border molding. With the several attachments; it allows you to have a plugin absolutely anywhere in your home. With a simple turn of the adapter; your plugged in device can go from a fixed location to being able to slide anywhere within a room assuring that you always have a plug close enough to where you need it.


Conceived of for the spa environment; and deriving from a scene in Die Hard; I came up with the 'pedifloor'.

This invention raises the floor about one-inch and pumps high-pressure air through thousands of vent holes. Coupled with a nodulated foam surface; users get to have their feet messaged while walking across it.


The AudioHUB was designed to allow users to connect multiple audio sources to their televisions when connectivity is limited. Automated features allow users to switch automatically between audio sources.

Cold Glass of Milk

A 8-ounce double-walled stainless steal mug (with a handle) that keeps your milk ice-cold and is perfectly-sized for dunking. It comes with a plastic screw on lid that gives the cup a softer, non-metallic edge; perfect for drinking from; and another push-in gasketed lid that can be pressed into the ring lid to seal the cup nice and tight when it isn't being drank from.


Heated gloves with a twist. These gloves maintain your hands at the temperature you desire. Using the smartphone app and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, you can control the exact temperature you desire.

Can Crusher

This device is much faster and a whole lot less work than those other can crushers on the market. Designed for those even with disabilities in mind; you only need to insert a uncrushed can into the hole on one end and a perfectly flattened can will emerge out the other.

Coin-Op Central Vac Valve

Designed for the car wash industry; this smart valve allows car wash owners to integrate central vacuum's into their business and still have the ability to accept payment; something that is not currently done.

Ultaviolate’s Disposable SlapFon

This a mobile phone inspired by the movie Ultraviolet. These phones are designed to be dispensed from a card-type vending machine; encoded as they are dispensed from the machine. Peal back and remove the film and "slap" or wrap it around your wrest. These phones are designed for up to 24-hours of service. They can use Bluetooth for wireless headsets and can use wifi saturated areas for service.

Back to the Future’s “Auto Laces”

These shoe laces can cinch up any shoe with the press of a button; keeping your shoes nice and tight throughout the day. Using a strong braided-wire filament sheathed in same material that normal shoe strings are; reels can wind up the excess and tighten your shoe for you.

Laptop LoJack

This is one of my first concepts; and came long before the "Find My Phone" feature on Apple devices or another such platforms out there. This was to be a cellular-enabled device that couples between your laptops hard drive and its motherboard. Designed to allow you to call into your cellphone or use our online web portal to disable or delete your hard drive.