Creative Works

TV PILOT: The Wonder Years: Book 2 (The Story Continues)

The Wonder Years II is the coming-of-age narrative of Winnie and Kevin's only daughter, Madison. Ten years after graduating high school and going their separate ways; Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper reunite. The passions quickly rekindles and the two end up getting married and having a daughter. Some twenty years after high school, their daughter is entering into her adolescence. This series is told through her future self and tells a tail of how it was that she was able to survive girlhood, boys, and her Aspergers.

TV PILOT: Family Meet Chaos

The concept involves a family who wake up one day to find out that each of them had had something from their dreams (imaginations) come to life. Dad’s “imaginary friend” is Peter Pan – a angry man-boy with a goatee; who the family must try to pass off as a family member; hiding the fact that he can fly and does not age. Mom’s “imaginary friend” is a foul-mouthed flying baby (Cupid). Other possible “friends” could be a gray (alien); a beer drinking, sports watching princess; a fire-spitting (baby) dragon; or a android (sex-droid). As with many sitcoms; neighbors, co-workers, fellow students and even other family members are this families biggest headache. Possible Executive Producers: Seth MacFarlane; Seth Green

TV PILOT: Champion

A scientist who is a single father of a teenage daughter accidentally infests her with nanites. He is able to get their replication protocols under control before they did any real damage. The nanites were developed for military purposes; they not only provide their host with a constant visual/audio input of the environment around them; they also generate a second skin (shield); next-gen energy weaponry and super human strength.

Champion takes it upon herself to become a super heroin crime fighter until her father finds out; then after coming to an understanding; they decide to use his "secret" lab under the house as their base of operations; making use of the many technologies he had developed over the past 20 years.

Not only does Champion have to save the world; she has to go to school, participate in school activities and protect her secrets for the military who want to her her dads secrets.

TV CONCEPT: The Tempus Effect

This is an hour-long drama about a group of time travelers, who go back in time to save the lives of people whom have died before their time; so that they may live the lives they were supposed to have.

Running their operations from a specially shield lab; they are able to back in time and make changes without causing a paradox that would otherwise wipe their memories of the other timelines. They replace those they take with a genetic-match blank; that way to prevent suspicions from those who investigate the victims deaths. 

This does not seem to fool one FBI special agent who has the ability to see a pattern in these cases. 

TV CONCEPT: Friday the 13th: The Series (Series Reboot)

TV CONCEPT: Mouse Trap

This is a game show-style television show; similar to Junkyard Wars, except that contestants are pitted with the requirement of building a Rube Goldberg-style human-sized mouse trap. Contestants will be given similar goals to complete and access to an assortment of miscellaneous items to work with. Scores will be given by judges based on: complexity of the design, number of “marks” completed; number of major executions (goals to complete); and appearance of their contraption. Speed of execution does not matter unless it is a stipulation in the challenge.

TV CONCEPT: Beat the Artist

A musical reality television show where contestants sing songs against the skills are the artist that made the song famous.

The series starts off with auditions; where the contestants are whittled down to just ten contestants. Then each week we watch as each contestant is paired up with an artist to learn their song. Then they must compete again the same artist, live before a panel of judges. Once there is only three contestants left; the three contestants must compete against each other with an original song.

TV CONCEPT: Internal Affairs (I.A.)

This concept, presented as a documentary, will show two-levels of legal injustices; unlike television shows like COPS, which always portrays the police and prosecutors as “heroes”, this show will take records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (as well as other sources), involving corrupted and abusive cops and of court cases, when the prosecution ignored all levels of disinterest in upholding and serving true justice; who would do anything to get a conviction; in turn causing an overcrowded prison population and the tax payers millions upon millions of dollars every year.

MOVIE CONCEPT: The Juggernaut vs. The Berserker Clan

This concept is in the early stages of development. The Juggernaut is unearthed and placed into a museum, in statue form; Something supernatural awakens him and he begins to run muck across western Europe. The Keepers of the Secrets of the Berserker Clan; seeking an agenda of his own has brought back the Berserker's; but when he is accidentally killed the Berserker's have no authority or mission; so they take it upon themselves to go after the Juggernaut.



TV SCRIPT: Star Trek: The Next Generation – “Origins”

The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, in for some much needed shore leave, are returning to Earth, when they run into a strange singularity that, try as they may, can’t escape from its grasps. After regaining consciousness, the crew comes to realize that they have been flung well into the Delta Quadrant; further, they also discover that Enterprise has also been sent back in time. Soon after, they meet up with a, not so old, foe; which in this time period are just entering their infancy.


PART 1: Two colleges kindle something more than just a professional relationship with one another; a new relationship has also been found between two unlikely people; brought on by a great tragedy. The team also suffers a mysterious loss (again) of their leader, which leaves them with so many unanswered questions.

PART 2: After burring Gib’s empty coffin; the remaining team get some puzzling news regarding their dead boss; they embark on a mission; fling across the globe to Iraq in hopes of finding clues to what truly happened to their boss; how did he die? And what was his mission?

CHILD BOOK SERIES: The Princess Pumpkin Head Epics

A child’s series featuring the adventures of a life-loving little princess nick-named Princess Pumpkin Head; who is always willing to help out her fellow Gordian’s.

BOOK: Neotopia

A work in progress. This book will lay out, what the author envisions to be the best laid path to peace and true equality, for all of human-kinds future. A book that runs along the same lines of the classical Utopian-style stories; however, unlike many of those stories, Neotopia looks at many of the individual circumstances occurring in today’s world and addresses how things would be different in the authors version of a Utopian society. This book also addresses possible ways of implementing Neotopian changes throughout the world today.

BOOK: Our Gloriful Past – Prequel to Neotopia

This book is a prequel to the Neotopia book; it is based on one of the characters introduced in the book and delves into her origins. This book takes its readers back millions of years; to a far-off planet; it introduces an influential race of beings that helped to jump-start the current evolution of humans; a race of “aliens” who still, to this day, share Earth with those who inhabit its surface; who are content, for the most part, to live in the shadows, as protectors. Unlike Neotopia, however, it is not meant to be anywhere near a work of non-fiction; it is purely a work of science non-fiction, with the realm of possibility splashed in throughout; it is for those who believe, as I do, in ancient (astronaut) history.

ARCADE GAME: Joust3D Arcade

Based on the original 1982 video game, Joust.

Midnight Massacre – Short Story (1988)

The Lost Puppy – Short Story (1988)

The Executioner – Short Story (1989)

A story about a wrongfully convicted man who after surviving his execution by electric chair; now garnished with special powers, goes around electrocuting those who had wrongfully convicted him for murdering his fiance.

Punished as part of the Young Authors program (circa 1990).

Life and Death – Poem (1993)

Thoughts of Love – A Collection of Poems (1999)

PHOTO: Walking Dead (2002)

Photo was accepted by and published into a 2002 hardcover coffee table book entitled _______.