Business Plans

The Fish4Kids Campaign

This non-profit charity organization will breed select freshwater fish and give them, along with all the aquarium equipment necessary, to children with autism and/or other developmental disabilities. Fish that are  breed but not selected to be given to a child in need will be sold either through the store or online to both retail and wholesale customers.

BK Productions

BK Productions will be a employee-owned film and television production company; located in the Spokane, Washington area; it is the company that will produce television shows like Champion, Wonder Years: Book II (licensing pending) and Family Meet's Chaos series.

OurHarbor Investment Group

OurHarbor was a concept business I developed in or around 2005. It was conceived of as a means for the every man to invest in their community and in the local economy. When launched it's primary focus was set for the location in which I lived and saw a lot of potential for economic growth; the East County, Elma/Satsop area of Grays Harbor; but as interest took hold; I saw a need to expand to all of Grays Harbor, which provoked a name change. That is when the Business became Timberland Business Development Network, then Timberland Enterprises.

After taking o partner and having to later sever that relationship; another name change was in order; to separate the business from the individual who refused to stop using the business's name to his own ends.

Now; we are OurHarbor Business Investment Group... We still are working on launching the business with the same philosophy originally conceived of eight years earlier. OurHarbor is a social enterprise; a privately traded company which will consist of small local businesses and investors. It will be a safety net for those businesses that need it in hard times; and be a means of profit sharing thanks to the success of the whole.

How Does It Work?

Well there are two types of investors/partnerships... Investments by partnered business by a share exchange program. When you ally your business with OurHarbor; by giving a percentage of ownership in your company; we give "stock options" back to your company in the form of TimberStock... When the group does well in any calendar year; dividends will be issued to the TimberStocks. The same is true with private investments; except in those cases; they will trade TimberCoin and not TimberStock.

As a privately traded company; all purchase and sales of TimberCoin/TimberStock are done through the Timberland Investment Network. And unlike most publicly traded companies; each member is only allowed one vote in any membership meeting issue and is capped on the number of TimberStock or TimberCoin they may posses. This is to help iensure against any abuse or against any for m of hostile take over. It works much like the voting in America; where it don't matter how much money you have; you still only get one vote.

The benefits; beyond that of profit sharing; for businesses, include collective bargaining prices for businesses services needed and where they could not do without; such as insurance; accounting/bookkeeping; real estate; and even attorneys. OurHarbor membership also promotes charitable actions by its members and benefits to employees of a OurHarbor partnered business; including a TimberStock program (and profit sharing program) for any children of members .

To be more clear, in regards to profit sharing... Say you have 1,000 TimberStock in OurHarbor; and say OurHarbor collects dividends from its collective partnered businesses in the sum of $5,000,000; and say the Board of Directors establishes that a TimberStock has a value of $100 each for that calendar year; after dividing the whole into their established accounts and dividing the remainder up against the total ISSUED TimberStock/TimberCoin ;then the dividends paid to you would be $100,000.

FutureFund – Crowdfunding for the rest of us.

A unique crowdfunding platform for those who don't have a million social media friends with deep pockets; or for those that don't have tons of disposable cash to use towards "promotion" agencies that promise to get people to donate to your campaign or project. This platform is based on a four-tiered system to help get your business launched or your product in development...

FrontDesk Solutions, Inc.

Frontdesk Solutions was a business I developed in 2002; and if successfully established; would provide technological solutions to business in the hospitality lodging industry. FrontDesk Solutions; primary product would be a easily navigated; fully interactive guest kiosk system; and its primary service would be a hotel frontdesk phone service.

This concept was conceived after working in a hotel in a seasonal resort town. I noticed how many hotels suffered during the winter months; when customers were few; but the requirement to be staffed wasn't.

First; I addressed the need to have someone at the front desk 24/7/365; and solved that problem by selling a service that could not only answer the hotels phones (both from guests and probable future guests); and handle any of their needs. If a person was calling to book a stay; our phone reps; who answer the phone as any employee of that specific hotel would; could book the room using the hotels own booking software; assuring that no errors occur in the process.

Second; I addressed the need for staying guests to have access to the front desk at all hours; or at the very least; the services that the front desk could offer; that's when I conceived  of the interactive kiosk...  Not only could it check guests in and out; or provide access for room services; but with the addition of optional venders; could dispense things such as shaving or sewing kits; or even fresh bedding or towels. Partnering with local venues; guests could even charge to their room for things like movie or concert tickets.

The addition of selling other services and products to FrontDesk Solution clients were later included; from Food and Beverage software to Phone, TV and Internet services. FrontDesk Solutions will be a serve-all business; supplying the amenities hotel guest demand during their travels.

JusGreen Auto Wash, LLC

JustGreen AutoWash was a concept I developed in 2006; after meeting a man who wanted to retrofit a dilapidated (nearly abandoned) car wash. I expressed a disinterest in his idea and came up with an alternative...

100% eco-friendly; off-grid auto washes don't currently exist; and I wanted to create the first one there was. This car wash would harvest the abundance of rainfall we receive in Grays Harbor and would use that water to clean a vehicle. Over 98% of the water would be filtered through an ultra-filtration system and reused; while less than 2% would be filtered and released into the drainage or sewer system or be loss to evaporation. The whole facility would be powered by a combination of wind, solar and micro-hydro power and excess power would be stored in green batteries; or put back into the municipal grid.

The flagship facility; which was/is to be introduced in Elma at the Highway 8 and Highway 12 intersection; was to include six self service bays; two in-bay touch-less automatic's and  a soft touch full service wash bay... It was also to have a large truck (fifth wheel; buses; and semi trucks) bay... Connected to the facility will be a truck stop with showers a diner and wash facilities.

The Aberdeen location; which was to be located at the corner of Wishkah and "F" Street; across from Selmers; was to have a single in bay touch-less system; as well as the states ONLY motorcycle wash bay.

Prices for both locations would be fixed (for prepaid card holders); and every service offered; such as vacuums and vended items; could be purchased with our pre-paid membership card; not done anywhere else. The prices would be far more reasonable than any of our competitors; thanks for the cut in operating costs; and would come with a guarantee; also not seen with many of our competition.

JusGreen Auto Wash System’s

Around the time that I began working on the car wash site development, I came up with a design for a touch-screen-enabled vacuum; which then lead to a touch-screen-enabled vending machine which could use the same membership account card; this lead to bay controls and other types of pay-stations being developed. Original these were to be built solely for JusGreen Auto Wash, but eventually, the plan was to sell to the general car wash market. 

I developed the patent-pending JusGreen VacValve to allow car washes who used central vacuums to use our touch-screen interface and start earning money at each of their drops.

The Old Goldmine Arcade

Seeing that the SouthShore Mall could once again be great; just if we were able to get stores in there that people wanted to go to. I thought what is the number one way to get adults to shop around an active mall? Give their children something to do. And the best way to do that; is to bring back activities that they would enjoy. 

Remembering back to when I was a child myself; I remember the mall having; what I would have called, a "fully immersive" experience. Back then when you entered the mall; you say from across the food court then dark and mysterious place; with an entrance right out of an old western with the sound of loud squeaks and squirks coming from the inside; it was called the "Gold Mine"; otherwise known as the Gold Mine Arcade. However; by the time I was a teen; the Gold Mine had been decommissioned a a stale industrial themed arcaded opened closer to the theatre. This negatively impacted the restaurants which were down closer to where the gold Mine was located, eventually leading to their closure as well. The mall management tried hosting a minigolf course; but that too was short lived and was later replaced by the DMV (how fun).

Do too much poor management and a struggling local economy; the mall has suffered greatly.  My idea was to bring to the mall many small; yet highly needed or desired businesses; which would be placed under the umbrella of the OurHarbor Business Investment Group. One of the first; would be our homage to the original Gold Mine Arcade; the "Old Goldmine Arcade"; which like the original would be fully immersive in a 1849 gold mine themed backdrop; hosting all the latest arcade style games. Also; included would be a VIP room where customers could play either XBox or PlayStation games. This VIP room would also have access to the Ole 49'r Rootbeer Saloon.

The Ole 49’r Rootbeer Saloon

As an expansion on the rebirth of the Gold Mine Arcade; the new arcade would have an 1849 themed saloon slash ice cream parlor; which served not only exclusive handmade ice cream and gourmet sodas; but several hot dishes as well; such as our ten alarm chili.

The Carving Board

The Carving Board would be located in the malls food court and would bring to the mall a local Arby's-style restaurant; serving freshly roasted and sliced before your eyes roast beef and cheddar sandwiches. Customers could also order our bottomless fries with any combination of topping we provide and free soda refills.

Big Bubba Dogz

One of my other earliest memories with the SouthShore Mall was going to the mall with my mom; where we would buy hotdogs at the Orange Julius; she a dog dog with sauerkraut and me a "taco dog". I, again through OurHarbor would like to open a similar type of cafe court restaurant. Big Bubba's Dogs would just that. Bringing to the mall top quality kosher hot dogs with any number of gourmet treatments; as well as real fruit smoothies. And again; free refills on soda.