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Molested by My Younger Cousin

I am not certain; I don’t follow football, not unless the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl or something. But, if I had to guess; the event that is now prompting this blog post happened a little over a year ago. Just after that player decided to take a knee to protest police brutality.

Being autistic, I am very opinionated on certain issues. One; I believe abortion should be illegal after the first couple of weeks, except in cases of rape or imminent death. Two; I think all guns should be banned in the United States and only made available in a time of “homeland” invasion.  That being said; when it came to the ‘taking a knee’ issue; I was on the side of the player who was taking a knee. In my opinion, freedom of speech cannot be abridged or denied and to mandate  or threatening someone who chooses to do so is unamerican and paramount, in my book, to treason.

Not one to care, who I debate issues with. I commented on a post my cousin shared that said something to effect of “if you don’t stand for our national anthem; you can get the fuck out of my country.”

Of, course being me and someone with over 50%native blood in him; I pointed out that it wasn’t his country to begin with; and that the natives of this land would be on the side of free speech. In which my cousin said something I would say was borderline racist towards natives and then proceeded to threaten me by saying, I needed to “watch out for the red dot”; implying that he was doing to sniper me. He then blocked me on Facebook and I haven’t heard anything since. The Facebook post disappeared before the police could arrive and view it.

Today (October 28, 2018); a post came across my Facebook feed from a local group that mentioned my cousin by name. There were at least a dozen comments talking about how my cousin blocks people from the group when they don’t side with him against those that are homeless in our area. Apparently, in the past year, my cousin has been out taking pictures of homeless people and plastering them to Facebook along with some crappy comment; taking these poor people targets.

I added my own comment to the thread about what had went on between me and my cousin a year earlier and agreed with one of the posters that my cousin seemed unhinged.

Somehow, even though he had locked me, he was able to see my comment and started posting half truths about me on pages or groups he is on. I don’t know to what extent; I was just given a warning by someone that knew who he was.

The post not only outed me in these groups on the allegations I had been charged with; and in one instance wrongfully convicted of; but proceed to add additional allegations on something I haven’t even thought about in over 30 years.

In his response, my cousin claimed that I “molested him” when he was a kid.  First off; we were about two year apart, if that; and it wasn’t me who I would say molested him. If was him that sexually assaulted me.  Prior to just not, I had put the whole event behind me.

At the time, I lived on the coast with my mom, step dad and two sisters. I was in Spokane visiting my dad for my summer vacation. I was just getting ready to come back and my cousin was going to be coming with us back to Aberdeen.

Before, I get to far into the details of what really happened here; let me take you back to the summer previously.  I was around the age of 11; and me and my cousin and his sister were down in my grandmothers converted basement bedroom playing with the toys she left down there. I don’t know what led up to the event, but I remember both my cousins taking off their cloths; with my cousin (mentioned above) leading the charge in me taking off my cloths as well.  Again, the cousin mentioned above was maybe 10 years old; his sister a year or two younger.

At the time, I was mostly a non-verbal autistic; only really communicating with people I was really close too; and then only about things I had great interest in. Anyways, I remember both my cousin’s mentioning to me that they did this stuff with their uncle.

The whole event didn’t last but a few minutes and to my knowledge nothing at the time was said. I look back at the incident as a sort of show and tell.

The event in which I believe my cousin is referring too in his post; occurred the following year. As I said, I had been over in Spokane visiting my dad for my summer vacation and we my cousin was going to come back to the coast with me and my grandmother. We were both downstairs in my grandmothers guess room; I had taking the bed and my cousin was going to use the futon. We were going to be getting up early because my grandma liked being on the road around 5 or 6 in the morning. I had fallen asleep. I don’t know ow much time had passed; but I eventually was awoken by a wet feeling on my penis. I looked down to discover my cousin performing oral sex on me. When he saw that I was awake, he tried to play the whole thing off and went back to the futon. Nothing further was said; until after my cousin and grandma left Aberdeen.

I remember my mom calling me downstairs and asking me questions about incident with my cousin. I told her what happened and nothing after that was said. I had, up until now, forgotten all about the incident.

For my cousin, nothing is ever his fault. His kid running away for months at a time. His drug abuse. His inability to keep a job. This. Nothing is his fault. If you ever read any of his posts on Facebook, you can see this for yourself. You can also see how he has a habit of taking preemptive actions in an attempt to have himself be made a victim.  My guess, is that there probably is years of this evidence on his Facebook page and in the groups that he is apart of.  No one needs to just take my word. He is a “grab them by the p***sy kind of guy.

Why I’ll Probably Be Voting for Trump

Like most American’s, I think Trump is a joke. He couldn’t be the most inappropriate choice for President than if we were to choose Hitler himself. That said; I am really leaning toward voting for Trump in this upcoming 2016 election.

Why, you may ask? Well the answer is pretty self evident. We no longer need the same-oh, same-oh, in government; and its not because Hillary is a women, that I am not voting for her. It’s because she is no different than any other candidate we’ve had in the past 100 years. If Elizabeth Warren had decided to run, I would have voted for her in a heart beat. Unlike others, I am not voting for Hillary simply because she has a wrinkly old vagina.

Our country needs a revolution. We cannot afford to wait another four years. It needs to happen now. Now, we had our chance of having a peaceful revolution with Bernie; but since our election process is a huge sham; we are only left with Trump; and the war with Canada to finally bring on the change we need. Only after our total and utter collapse under the whimsical ministration of Trump will people finally open their eyes to needing real change in this country.

So; I ask that all true American’s; this coming November; don’t vote for status-quo; vote for chaos and finally bring the real change this country so desperately needs. Vote Donald Trump.

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