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I Really Hate the Internet

I have been developing website for close to 25 years now; and the one thing I am really starting to hate about what the Internet has become is that their is absolutely no individualist these days.

It used to be you would go to your favorite search engine; wither it be Yahoo; Lycos, Ask Jeeves or Altavista; enter your search terms and get hundreds or even thousands of web pages dedicated to the subject at hand. For instance, say I wanted to find fan pages on Star Trek; well, I simply type star trek into the search box and click “search” and in just milliseconds, I would have a whole bunch of fan web sites; created by fans talking in fan speak.

Now-a-days; you type in Star Trek; and you get about a dozen (if your lucky) websites that may be related and if they are; you don’t find fan pages; you find regurgitated blogs about something posted to dozens of other like sites. Same is if you type in something like “computer repair prices”, because you want to see what your competition is charging; but you don’t get a single computer stores website. What you get is a dozen different links to Best Buy or Staples websites. If I wanted to see how a fish store is designing their websites today; you have no luck there either; as you won’t find a single ma and pa fish store website.

Other shit that I have started to dislike about the Internet, is, when you finally do find an article worth reading; you read about a paragraph before the popup shows up and throws your flow. I usually close the tab immediately when this occurs because it reminds me too much of the crap that ill-reputable hackers use to use to get their Viagra ads shown on millions of peoples computers. The same goes for those picture websites where you constantly have to fight the scroll because they load so many ads that the webpage keeps re-positioning itself. Oh, and I really rate having to click next all the time. The only time that should occur, is when your viewing all the celebrities that died this year.

Why I'll Probably Be Voting for Trump

Like most American’s, I think Trump is a joke. He couldn’t be the most inappropriate choice for President than if we were to choose Hitler himself. That said; I am really leaning toward voting for Trump in this upcoming 2016 election.

Why, you may ask? Well the answer is pretty self evident. We no longer need the same-oh, same-oh, in government; and its not because Hillary is a women, that I am not voting for her. It’s because she is no different than any other candidate we’ve had in the past 100 years. If Elizabeth Warren had decided to run, I would have voted for her in a heart beat. Unlike others, I am not voting for Hillary simply because she has a wrinkly old vagina.

Our country needs a revolution. We cannot afford to wait another four years. It needs to happen now. Now, we had our chance of having a peaceful revolution with Bernie; but since our election process is a huge sham; we are only left with Trump; and the war with Canada to finally bring on the change we need. Only after our total and utter collapse under the whimsical ministration of Trump will people finally open their eyes to needing real change in this country.

So; I ask that all true American’s; this coming November; don’t vote for status-quo; vote for chaos and finally bring the real change this country so desperately needs. Vote Donald Trump.

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