Death of My Wife and Son

The year was 1991 and I had recently moved back to Spokane, Washington and was living with my grandmother (I was 15 years old) when I first met my soon to be wife Jennifer through an introduction by her Japanese father; Vice-President of International Sales for a local big-name computer manufacturer. I had opened my first brick and mortar computer store and my BBS was still doing very well.

Being autistic, I never really felt comfortable around other people. This was not the case with Jennifer.  When I was around her, I always felt comfortable.  I had no problems with any kind of physical contact; embracing each other; holding hands; all seemed perfectly natural to me.

Six month's after we met; me and Jennifer were married in a traditional Japanese wedding (it was not technically legal); but being that my new father-in-law was a Japanese citizen with old world values, it was accepted by Jennifer's family that we were married.

During our courtship, I took it upon myself to purchase our very own condo; we moved into it together and although we did sleep with each other, we never had sex until after we were married. The first and only time we had sex in our relationship, we got pregnant with our son Jason (nicknamed Jentu). Our son was born a little over a year and a half after Jennifer and I met.

When Jentu was about six months old, my wife decided she wanted to take a trip  to Kansai region in Japan with our son to introduce him to his family over there that hadn't had the opportunity to come to the states to visit.  Having just opened a steak house  and also running my computer business, I could not go with her. Jennifer and our son spent over a month in Japan; and two days prior to them catching a plane to come back home, a drunk driver hit them. Jentu was killed instantly and Jennifer lived for about three days before finally passing herself.

My father-in-law snuck me out of the United States (I didn't have a passport and was still technically underage) on a private plane to what would end up being, me attending both my wife and sons burials.

When I returned home. I shut down. I ended up not leaving our condo for over a year. I eventually shut down my computer store and gave up controlling interest of the steak house to my business partner. I did make a few investments, but did not do to much due diligence, which ended up costing me.

Eventually, it was my father-in-law that helped me to "move on". Knowing that I was a huge Star Trek fan, he used his friendship with certain big wigs to get me into see a filming of a Star Trek episode. After meeting several of my hero's, I returned to Spokane where I eventually sold my condo and moved back to Aberdeen; where I finished high school and graduated in 1994. I also re-opened my computer business; but with a different path.